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The Guardians

Red: the colour of Authority
and Stability

40-45% of population

We serve as the world's accountants, police officers and supervisors. We prefer facts to theories and closure to flexibility. We're upholders of standards and joiners of groups dedicated to keeping things just as they are. We like to see everything running smoothly – and people behaving appropriately.

Focuses on: rules
Trusts: authority
Prizes: gratitude
As partner: help-mate
As parent: responsible
As leader: stabilising
Likes: structure and rules
Dislikes: change, carelessness
Dreams of: receiving his or her just rewards

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The Artisans

Yellow: the colour of Adventure
and Artistry

30-40% of population

We are the world's hands-on workers, artists, racing drivers and party animals. Action-oriented and sensation-seeking, we prefer facts to theories and flexibility to closure. But, hey, we're pretty smart in practical ways, we're fast learners – and we get better as we go along. We want to have fun and make a splash. We live life to the full, one day at a time.

Focuses on: here and now
Trusts: impulse
Prizes: freedom
As partner: play-mate
As parent: creative
As leader: troubleshooting
Likes: making an impact
Dislikes: inaction, formalities
Dreams of: mastering action skills

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The Intellects

Blue: the colour of Thought, Logic and Perception

5-7% of population

We are the world's forensic detectives, system builders, mad scientists and nerds. We prefer to discover patterns than deal with boring details. And we are guided by logic and reason rather than emotion or impulse. Strategy is our thing. Ingenious, independent and strong-willed, we are drawn to investigating and inventing, planning and marshalling.

Focuses on: problem-solving
Trusts: logic
Prizes: knowledge
As partner: mind-mate
As parent: individualising
As leader: strategic
Likes: new ideas and insights
Dislikes: routine, pomposity
Dreams of: understanding how the world works

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The Idealists

Purple: colour of Intuition and the Transcendent

5-7% of population

We are the world's inspirers, prophets and Jedi Masters. While others may obsess about doing things the right way, we ask: 'Are we doing the right things?'. We just can't help looking ahead into the future, and searching for the deeper patterns beneath the everyday details. As creative nurturers, our life is a journey towards meaning in relationships and knowledge.

Focuses on: the future
Trusts: intuition
Prizes: deep relationships
As partner: soul-mate
As parent: nurturing
As leader: inspirational
Likes: harmony, imagination
Dislikes: conflict, insensitivity
Dreams of: finding meaning, attaining wisdom

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